17. I like skateboarding and music.

I have no self esteem. I’m not funny or cool. I’m an asshole. And awkward. And just. Fucking. Me. I hate me.

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I’m jealous of successful people because I know I will never be successful. I’m a waste of fucking space.

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This girl is perfect

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Neon Indian - Era Extraña (2011)


The American Justice System - zoom pic > read it > share it everywhere you can.

aahh. the ‘troubled young man’ vs. ‘muslim terrorist’.


Fire in the hole

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im tired of people using god to justify their  prejudice

Leviticus is a list of old laws that were never relevant after its time period so when people pull Leviticus to back banning gay marriage just remind them Jesus said nothing about gay marriage but he exclusively condemned divorce.

Thank you for that ^^^^

The thing that pisses me off most about people calling on Leviticus (at least Christians.) is that they are old laws that were supposedly put into place to punish us for our sins thus far. When Jesus died to cleanse us of our sins, it wasn’t just about our future sins and the ability to ask for absolution…. but to be free of our previous sins. So, a Christian quoting the old laws is like saying… Sorry Jesus, your sacrifice just wasn’t good enough because it doesn’t allow me to justify my hate and want to torment someone else because I personally disagree with it. (which is the God Damnedest sin.)
This brings my rant to one of the golden rules that we as Christians claim to live by. “Thou shalt not use MY name in vain.”
That doesn’t mean “Jesus Christ! Oops, don’t use his name in vain, LoL!” It means don’t use God to justify your hate mongering. It means don’t claim God hates this or that or allows you to hurt others because you say he does.
The hugely common misinterpretation of this pisses me off to no end because it’s an incredibly insulting, OBVIOUS misinterpretation of it to please one’s self.

I am an atheist and I approve of this message.

Im an ex-Christian and I approve this message